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Georgia Ave NW, DC “Greater Streets” Initiative Complete

The Street Print XD crosswalks and DuraTherm intersections for the Washington DC “Greater Streets” Initiative is complete. You have been following us throughout this great project; now take a look at the finished product!

Georgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets InitiativeGeorgia Ave Greater Streets Initiative

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DuraTherm in DSW Spring 2012 Commercials!

Have you seen the new Designer Show Warehouse’s (DSW) Spring 2012 commercials yet? DSW,  the national shoe retailer released its new 2012 Spring commercials recently, and during some scenes you can see a woman walk across a red DuraTherm crosswalk (1:42 mark), as well as dance on it in another scene (1:54 – 1:57). The unique and colorful DuraTherm design goes perfectly with the DSW image in these commercials. It shows the design and color flexibility. This particular crosswalk is located in Los Angeles, CA.

See the behind the scenes video here:

What is DuraTherm? Alternative Paving Concepts DuraTherm

Alternative Paving Concepts DuraTherm Alternative Paving Concepts DuraTherm







DuraTherm is a a specially-designed thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt and heated in place. It is engineered to lie slightly below the asphalt surface. This adds additional protection from wear, ensuring effective service life while maintaining its attractive look.

DuraTherms design flexible and durable thermoplastic system is cost effective and easy to maintain. It is famous for its ability to allow community branding elements into streetscapes and urban redevelopment projects; creating highly visible pavements. DuraTherm™ is also ideal for pedestrian channelization and crosswalks.

To learn more about DuraTherm, and to see more images visit Alternative Paving Concepts.

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Decorative Stamped Asphalt, Contributing to Washington DC’s “Great Streets” Initiative

“Neighborhoods in the District of Columbia want vibrant and distinct neighborhood centers filled with proud merchants, well-maintained shops in attractive buildings, excited patrons, and supportive residents. These neighborhoods and others are linked by a series of major corridors that have significant potential to be “great streets” – places where people want to be.” –  The District of Columbia –

The District on Columbia has embarked on the Great Streets Initiative. The Great Streets Initiative is a multi-year, multiple-agency effort aimed at transforming nine under-invested corridors into thriving, inviting, safe, and beautiful neighborhood and community centers. The District seeks to revitalize critical transportation and retail corridors throughout the city. According to Debra D. Yogodzinski, Partner Nixon Peabody LLP Co-Chair, and DCBIA Retail Business Development Committee; “the primary goal of the initiative is to make the designated streets-all major thoroughfares and commercial corridors in the District into attractive neighborhood destinations by…infrastructure improvements and economic and community development projects that will act as a catalyst for private investment in housing and retail developments.” These improvements will comprise of public realm investments, strategic land use plans, public safety strategies, and economic development assistance.

Alternative Paving Concepts (APC) is proud to be contributing to the Great Streets Initiative. APC will be installing nine Street Print XD crosswalks, as well as DuraTherm intersections for the Georgia Avenue Great Renovation portion. These high performance crosswalks and intersections will provide an attractive and long lasting touch to Georgia Avenue, as well as a safe and traffic calming way for pedestrians to cross.  These stamped asphalt crosswalks will incororpate thermoplastic materials that are made to be extremely durable and cost effective. Street Print XD and DuraTherm will give Georgia Avenue the authentic and historic look of brick, while also adding highly visible intersections for pedestrian safety against traffic.

According to Greater Greater Washington, The District of Columbia’s stated goals and objectives for the ” Great Streets projects” are to:

  1. “Improve the quality of life in neighborhoods along the corridors, including public safety, physical appearance, and personal opportunity”
  2. “Support local demand for goods and services through economic development”
  3. “Expand mobility choices and improve safety and efficiency of all modes of travel”
  4. “Attract private investment through the demonstration of a public commitment to Great Streets communities.”

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) has partnered with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Office of Planning (OP) to manage this program. More than $200 million is being invested in new development projects, including storefront improvements, transportation, streetscape beautification, and transit improvements along these corridor and centers.

Benning Road NE and SE Great Streets Initiative

Areas included in the “Great Streets” Initiative are:

  • 7th Street and Georgia Avenue Great Streets Initiative
  • Benning Road NE and SE Great Streets Initiative
  • H Street NE Great Street Initiative
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE and South Capital Street Great Streets Initiative
  • Minnesota Avenue NE and SE Great Streets Initiative
  • Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE Great Streets Initiative
  • North Capitol Great Streets Initiative
  • Pennsylvania Avenue SE Great Streets Initiative
  • Rhode Island Avenue Great Street Initiative

Examples of Alternative Paving Concepts High Performance Street Scapes:

Alternative Paving Concepts Decorative Stamped AsphaltAlternative Paving Concepts Decorative Stamped AsphaltAlternative Paving Concepts Decorative Stamped AsphaltAlternative Paving Concepts Decorative Stamped AsphaltAlternative Paving Concepts Decorative Stamped Asphalt

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Helping To Keep Your Industrial and Commerical Facilities Running Safely & Efficiently

Capital Building & Facilities Maintenance Show

The Capital Building and Facility Maintenance Show will be held on Nov 15-16 at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA. The show is positioned to serve the needs of Facility Management and Maintenance professionals as well as Plant Engineering and Industrial Maintenance Professionals from across the DC, VA, and MD region. This is a free, two-day trade show that features educational seminars designed to bring the latest information on the products, technologies and services today’s maintenance and repair operation professionals need.

This is a great opportunity for those responsible in keeping their commercial, educational, hospitality, industrial, office, medical, and municipal, retail or residential buildings and facilities running safely and efficiently.

Visit the Capital Building & Maintenance Show for more information and to see who is exhibiting.

FYI: Alternative Paving Concepts will be located in booth 612.

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