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Stamped Asphalt at Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk VA

Alternative Paving Concepts recently completed a decorative stamped asphalt project at the World’s largest naval base: Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk VA. Naval Station Norfolk, also known as Norfolk Naval Base, is a base of the United States Navy. It occupies about four miles of waterfront space and seven miles of pier and wharf space of the Hampton Roads peninsula. It is the world’s largest naval station and supports about 75 ships and 134 aircrafts alongside 14 piers, 11 aircraft aircraft hangers, and houses the largest concentration of U.S. Navy forces.
This project consisted of decorative stamped asphalt around a building on base. Naval Station Norfolk already utilizes  stamped asphalt throughout the station for walkways, sidewalks, and also intersections and crosswalks. This new addition was installed to match the existing pattern and color seen throughout the base.
Pattern: Ashlar Slate

Color: Khaki

Here are some photos. Visit our Facebook to see more completed photos.

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Welcome to My Asphalt Dr.!

Welcome to the My Asphalt Dr. blog.  We are the experts in decorative pavements, but specialize specifically in decorative stamped asphalt, StreetPrint. We are here to provide pavement information, tips, news, events and more. We also encourage any questions you have about decorative stamped asphalt or any other pavement options.

But for our first post I thought we’d tell you a little bit more about My Asphalt Dr., and Alternative Paving Concepts, who sponsor this great blog.

Alternative Paving Concepts (APC)  specializes in StreetPrint, or decorative stamped asphalt. Through the innovative Street Print process, Alternative Paving Concepts has the ability to transform regular asphalt pavements into authentic looking brick, stone, or slate.

Alternative Paving Concepts Stamped Asphalt Cross Walks

Street Print and Street Bond products are durable, practical, safe, environmentally friendly, and attractive solutions while being the most cost effective and amongst the easiest to install as compared to other traditional decorative options. APC provides options for streetscapes, hardscapes, parking lots and driveways; with superior durability, unsurpassed choice in designs and colors, and long-term savings over traditional options.

Alternative Paving Concepts have been an accredited licensed StreetPrint applicator since 2004, with a proven track record in seasoned experience, fine quality, superior support and impeccable service. With over a million square foot installed, they have become one of the largest applicators in the world. Street Print™ and Street Bond™ products have been installed worldwide by the world’s largest cities, commercials, governments, municipalities, developers, homeowners and more.

If you would like to learn more about Alternative Paving Concepts, My Asphalt Dr., or want to see some of the amazing projects first hand, please feel free to contact (703) 464-7928 or become fans on Facebook!

We look forward to the opportunity to share, work, and interact 🙂

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